Agency – Lindsay, Stone & Briggs      client – Destination madison

This illustrative map is a vibrant showcase of Madison's unique charm and spirit, brought to life through intricate hand-drawn illustrations and animated elements. Commissioned by Destination Madison, the city's tourism organization, my goal was to capture the essence of Mad City while featuring its iconic landmarks with playful illustrated icons.

During my time as an intern at Lindsay, Stone & Briggs, a Madison-based marketing firm, I poured my passion for illustration, animation, and hand lettering into this exciting project. I carefully curated the landmarks and crafted custom illustrations, ensuring each icon reflected the landmarks' distinct personality.

Beyond its role as a captivating merch design, the interactive potential of the map adds another layer of engagement. As an envisioned web experience, users can explore the map, hover over each illustrated icon, and discover fascinating details about Madison's treasured landmarks. 
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