agency – Shine united      client – University of Wisconsin law school
Media Type: Self-Mailer Brochure   //   Skills & Proficiencies: Graphic Design, Print Layout, Typography, Adobe Creative Suite
The University of Wisconsin Law School regularly releases a brochure highlighting its faculty, law school centers, and contributions to student development, aiming to enhance favorability and raise awareness for US News and World Report rankings. I had the opportunity to reimagine this self-mailer brochure with a visually distinctive and thoughtfully curated style, aimed at creating a more impactful and meaningful publication that stands out from the existing design aesthetic of the university.

In my endeavor to visually convey the rich history and impactful presence of UW Law, I aimed to highlight their impressive achievements and the extensive academic resources they provide. To achieve this visual representation, I integrated a diverse range of historical imagery and texts sourced from the Library of Congress. The brochure showcases university documents, unique vintage textures, illustrative maps depicting the Madison area, historical photographs capturing the city skyline, and even a handwritten page from Lincoln's Milwaukee address. These elements capture the essence of UW Law's legacy and significance, offering a compelling glimpse into their storied past and enduring influence. 
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